The evolution of fluid mechanics

Filed in New products, Uncategorised | Posted by Samantha Sawle on 15th September 2020

GUNT are proud to present our revolutionary new Fluid Line for teaching fundamentals of fluid mechanics.

When it comes to fundamentals of fluid mechanics the hydraulic bench has been at the forefront of hands-on teaching for many decades, and in its time, it was an innovation without equal.

At GUNT we have been working tirelessly to bring those traditional fundamentals into the 21st century.

Our Fluid Line HM 250 includes remote access, USB interface, screen mirroring via WLAN, touch screen control and many more features. Making social distancing, and remote teaching possible.

For instance, the HM 250 uses RFID technology which automatically identifies the respective experiment once it is placed onto the base unit.

The experiments include:
• Visualisation of pipe flow
• Measurement of flow profile
• Visualisation of streamlines
• Continuity equation
• Measurement of jet forces
• Free discharge
• Bernoulli’s principle
• Losses in pipe elements
• Fundamentals of pipe friction
• Pressure curve along the inlet section
• Open channel

Remote demos 

We are currently offering fully remote demonstrations on the full HM 250 range. Please contact us using the email below to get a live demo session booked in.