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Gunt Technology have been a supplier to the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College since February 2011. Since then we acquired seven different units from them at an overall approximate value of £100,000.

The reasons for choosing Gunt equipment over competitors are many but first and foremost I have to mention the excellent build quality as well as the first-rate documentation. Using standard industrial components but combining them in robust experimental rigs suitable for teaching undergraduates is highly desirable for a modern engineering education. The extensive teaching material supplied with every experiment makes adjusting the content to course specific learning outcomes very straightforward. The data generated with the units are of sufficient quality and accuracy to allow a meaningful evaluation and comparison with scientific theory thus ensuring that students have a highly satisfactory learning experience. Stock units can also be customized by the end user during teaching practice allowing even broader or deeper learning. Gunt support to start-up and commissioning is outstanding as is back-up in the rare case of troubleshooting.

We enjoy a very good business relationship with Gunt as they provide excellent quality products at competitive rates and great after sales support. I can recommend them without hesitation as an outstanding supplier of engineering teaching equipment and wish them every success for the future.

Dr. Clemens Brechtelsbauer

Bio Ethanol unit in Leeds University

The bio ethanol rig is a very impressive showpiece apparatus that is well designed and constructed to a high standard. Gunt have been easy to work with throughout, with consistently timely responses to queries. A real benefit is that they do have an English based facility so any follow ups are dealt with promptly and efficiently with no language barriers. The delivery timings were agreed and met, with installation fully supported by the Sales team and additional Engineers from Germany. Training, which was agreed as part of the tender, was performed by a proficient trainer and at a suitable pace. The manuals supplied were clear and accurate.

Overall the company’s performance has been very good and I would hope they would tender again to meet any future needs or purchases that arise.

As supplied by Paul Crosby, Senior Research Technician Leeds University

An extract from an email from the technician in the Dublin Institute of Technology expressing thanks:


No problem. The guys were excellent, and we were able to get all of the equipment serviceable and I received my training. So please pass on my thanks to Marc & Jamie for their support and professionalism.

Regards, Dave

An extract from an email from the academic at Swansea University expressing thanks:

Hi Stephen,

Many thanks for the fast support!

Yes, Gunt equipment are excellent and our students absolutely enjoy working in the lab. As long as our students enjoy, I enjoy too. 🙂

Best regards, Chenfeng