Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology

Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology

The broad field of fluid mechanics is considered a fundamental in the training of most engineering disciplines.

As a result, applied fluid mechanics laboratories have long become an integral part of the majority of technical training institutions. GUNT have decades of experience in the design and production of training equipment for fluid mechanics.

Physical principles

Steady flow

Steady flow: the velocity of a fluid particle changes with the position.

Transient flow

Transient flow: the velocity of a fluid particle changes with the time and the position. Transient flows occur during discharge processes, during startup and shutdown processes of turbomachines or in the case of fluid oscillations and water hammer processes.

Flow around bodies

The understanding of flow around any shape of a body is crucial in fluid dynamics and aerodynamics.

Components in piping systems and plant design

GUNT offers a comprehensive range of educationally valuable section models, assembly and maintenance exercises from the field of pipe systems and plant construction.